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Play & Creative Arts Therapy

Cre​ative Arts and Play Therapy is a well established discipline based upon a number of psychological theories that can help individuals to communicate feelings and experiences in a non verbal, non-judgmental and respectful way.

If you have concerns about your child because of the following:

• ADHD, Asperger's, Autism

• Anger/aggression/tantrums/ violent behaviour

• Attachment difficulties

• Difficulties with concentration/motivation

• Difficulties with relationships (parents, siblings, peers, teachers)

• Low self esteem

• Trauma (eg: bereavement, domestic violence, abuse - physical, neglect, emotional and sexual)

• Sexually inappropriate behaviour

• Withdrawn behaviour

Play  & Creative Arts Therapy could help!

                               The Play and Creative Arts Therapy Toolkit used by the                            play therapist includes the following items:

• Art for creativity

• Creative Visualization for understanding and thinking

• Storytelling for morals and spiritual development

• Sand-tray for emotional development

• Music for communication

• Dance and Movement for physical development

• Drama-therapy for social relationships

• Puppets & Masks for self care


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