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Therapeutic Parenting

Therapeutic Parenting can be invaluable for a variety of people; this includes parents whose children are returning to home after a period in care, foster carers, kinship carers, special guardianship carers,  adoptive parents, or parents who would simply like to bond more with their child.

Children who have suffered abuse or neglect require a particular kind of care with a specialised way of responding to challenging behaviour. Every day techniques such as time out and ignoring, that are usually recommended are often not effective for traumatised children and can in fact trigger abuse-based memories (and therefore responses).  

Therapeutic Parenting can offer a theoretical understanding in easy, jargon-free language,  practical strategies to help manage the difficult behaviour and emotions of developmentally traumatised children.

Therapeutic Parenting offers parents and carers the means to provide a positive, therapeutic environment for the most troubled children.  It presents an opportunity to support carers and parents to maximise their children’s potential, helping relationships flourish and grow.

In the case of adopters and some sgo/kinship carers, therapeutic parenting 

can be funded via the Adoption Support Fund (ASF).

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